The Giving Day is now over – We are so grateful to the whole community for getting involved and showing their support.


If you would still like to support us, it’s not too late to make a gift!


On 16-17 May, we’re holding our first ever Dame Allan’s Giving Day. We want this Giving Day to provide our whole community with the opportunity to celebrate what a special place Dame Allan’s is, and has always been for pupils since 1705.


Over the course of 36 hours we want as many alumni, parents, and friends of Dame Allan’s as possible to come together to help ensure that we can continue to make a Dame Allan’s education accessible to as many children as possible. 


There are many ways to get involved – from taking part in events and challenges, sharing posts on social media, or making a gift – we want you to be a part of it. 


The focus of the day is the Bursary Fund. Dame Allan’s was founded on the principle that children should have the opportunity to have an excellent education, regardless of their background and this is something that the Schools remain committed to, more than 300 years on. Save the date: 16-17.05

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1 Hild / Hedley / Coquet 61
2 Aidan / Plummer / Wansbeck 59
3 Cuthbert / Ridley / Tweed 52
4 Bede / Brewer / Aln 48
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